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Funny Stop Comedian

April 16-17
Tom Cotter

Two Nights Only!

Tom Cotter has taken the comedy scene by storm since finishing as runner-up and becoming the breakout star from Season 7 of NBC’s "America's Got Talent." He lost to a dog act, but don’t hold that against him; Tom was the first comedian ever to be a finalist on the show and was the highest finishing human being on the show that year.

In August 2013, AGT asked Tom back to perform as a special guest star (along with Train) and then again to host “The Season 8 AGT Snapple Viewing Party.”

In January 2019 Cotter was again invited back to the AGT stage - this time to perform against the best of the best “Got Talent” performers from other years and around the world in “America’s Got Talent: The Champions.” In one the most talked about sets of the entire competition, Tom received a STANDING OVATION from the adoring crowd.

Tom Cotter's other numerous television and radio credits include "The Tonight Show,” “Last Comic Standing,” his very own "Comedy Central Presents... Tom Cotter,"The Howard Stern Show, Comics Unleashed, multiple appearance on CBS’ "The Late Late Show" and Celebrity Host of “Gotham Comedy Live” on AXS-TV.

You can find Tom headlining all of America's most famous comedy clubs including: The Comedy Cellar, The Improv and Caroline's On Broadway just to name a few. Tom has also been featured at the Montreal "Just For Laughs" Festival, the HBO Comedy Arts Festival and headlining "America's Got Talent Live" show at the Palazzo, Las Vegas. And recently, Tom was on the dais and took part in the Friars Club Roast of Boomer Esiason at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. Tom is also a regular on Fox News Channel and co-starred on an episode of CBS’ “The Good Wife.”

In addition, Cotter has performed in a wide variety of venues from Alaska to China. His appeal is truly international as he was summoned to London to tour and perform on British Television, and won The Seattle International Stand-Up Comedy Competition and Boston Comedy Festival as The Boston Herald noted “winning by the largest margin of victory in the history of the event.”

Tom Cotter came out with his first book, “Bad Dad: A Guide to Pitiful Parenting” (Willow Street Press) in February, 2016 which is a collection of jokes, gags, one-liners and pithy bad advice for fed-up parents everywhere. It is this kind of versatility has allowed Tom to excel in other areas of showbiz as well. So whether it be comedy, voice-overs, or acting, Tom Cotter gives it everything he's got. "If laughter is the best medicine, I yearn to be drugged."

Check him out on Facebook and his website, TomCotter.com, then call the Funny Stop box office now at 330-923-4700 to make your reservation to see Tom Cotter in his two night only, Funny Stop debut performance.

Funny Stop Comedian

April 23-24
Dave Landau

Two Nights Only!

Working the road nonstop since his 21st birthday, Dave Landau has grown into a true comedic juggernaut. Finding himself much in-demand among audiences and club owners due to his deadpan demeanor and those jokes - my God, those jokes - that fluidly fly forth with breakneck pacing and perfect timing.

Dave Landau, it can be said with all due respect, is a throwback to another era of comedy. The entertaining everyman. Innocent enough at first blush; as he states his case, you begin to see where you and he have quite a bit in common. A wife, a house. An odd sense of calm in an increasingly crazy world. You're on a tour of the familiar and prosaic, with Dave Landau as the bus driver.

Then he drops his foot on the accelerator. And things start to get wild. You see, Dave Landau might appear to be just like you, but he's not really. His mind goes to places that angels would fear to tread, and he has no problem telling you about it. The mark of a great comedian, it is said, is the ability to find jokes where others would find tears.

Dave find jokes everywhere; with his own foibles and faults, to his family, to pop culture and the state of the world today. Cutting his comedic teeth as a teenager in Detroit in the Second City's Conservatory, Dave Landau has risen to become one of the most in-demand headliners working today.

He's appeared on Comedy Central's "Live At Gotham" as well as being featured prominently on two consecutive seasons of NBC's "Last Comic Standing."

Dave Landau has become a regular on the nationally-syndicated "Bob & Tom" radio show and was honored as one of the top 21 club comics of today at HBO's Las Vegas Comedy Festival.

Learn more about Dave and even see some video of his stand-up act by visiting his appropriately named website, DaveLandau.com, then call the Funny Stop box office at 330-923-4700 to book your reservation to he him live and in person on our stage.

Funny Stop Comedian Funny Stop Comedian

April 29-May 1
Gary Garcia with Mike Merk

Funny Stop Headlining Debut!

Gary G Garcia is a modern day renaissance man with a background in many fields. Those fields include music, hustling and clothing design. For the last five years, Gary has been concentrating on stand-up comedy.

Gary started out in the New York City comedy scene and can be seen regularly at the Grisly Pear in NYC and in Atlantic City with ACJokes.com.

His signature raspy voice and in-your face comedy will leave you in stitches.

When Gary G Garcia isn’t bragging about his children, he can be seen skulking around Astoria, Queens and in a photograph on the wall at the Grisly Pear, NYC.

- - -

Mike Merk was born and raised in Queens, New York and has been writing and performing comedy since he was 16 years old.

He has performed in clubs all over New York City and is currently a regular at Caesars, Tropicana and Ballys Hotels in Atlantic City.

His constant battle with addiction has influenced a real, raw and honest point of view which shines through in his act.

Mike's credits include Sirius XM Radio, TMZ, MTV and his couch in queens where he watches a lot of Netflix.


May 5-8
Rubber City Comedy Festival

Mike Conley   •   Mary Santora   •   Ian Fidance

Funny Stop Comedian Funny Stop Comedian Funny Stop Comedian

Funny Stop Comedian

May 10


Yes, everybody's favorite Greek is back for just one night... MONDAY, MAY 10th!

Since he was last at the Funny Stop, Basile has been busy with his personal appearances and developing programming for cable TV.

Basile is perhaps one of the most diverse entertainers in the world! Basile has entertained millions of comedy fans in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Africa. Basile’s unique blend of material, improvisation, and characters has made him one of the most sought after comedians in the entertainment industry today.

Basile’s general audience show, "Dysfunctionally Yours" WORLD TOUR, is currently touring to sold-out audiences throughout North America. Basile’s diversity in entertainment continues as he stars in his critically acclaimed series "Growing Up Greek in America". This comedy series is spoken in Greek and English and to date has sold over a million copies and is distributed worldwide.

Basile's voices and characters have been heard on Armed Forces Radio, television and syndicated radio as the voice of "The God Father Of Soul, James Brown" in North America and in his comedy segments on XM/Sirius Satellite Radio.

Basile has over 100 television appearances throughout the world, including HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central, A & E, and the Jay Leno Show on NBC to name a few.

Basile is also known for his voice work as Universal Studio's Bullwinkle J. Moose as well as for the Cartoon Network and many Japanese Anime series.

Recently, Basile was nominated for an EMMY for his work on ESPN’s "30 for 30” series segment "The Legend of Jimmy the Greek”, as the voice of Jimmy "The Greek” Snyder.

For more information about Basile, click HERE to visit his website, then call the our box office at 330-923-4700 to make your reservation to see him during this ONE NIGHT ONLY APPEARANCE at the Funny Stop.

All tickets are $22.50 each. No passes or discount coupons accepted for this show!

Funny Stop Comedian

May 13-15
Terry McNeely

3 Nights Only!

From a one night appearance over 5 years ago during the "Midwest Comedy Tour" visit to the Funny Stop to being 50% of a Co-Headliner event 2 years later, to top line billing last year, fans of live comedy in Northeastern Ohio will get the chance to get another full dose of Mr. Terry McNeely at our club this weekend.

Long Island born and raised, Terry McNeely could easily earn the title of "Crass Critic to the Suburban World." Mocking husbands and children's names, it's certainly no surprise that the acid humor of Terry McNeely has him rising up the ranks of comedy by leaps and bounds.

When voters were asked, "what do you like about Donald Trump?", the #1 answer was "He tells it like it is." If you like that answer, it is likely that you'll love Terry McNeely's brand of comedy.

Just check out his PAIR of FACEBOOK PAGES and his Twitter page, and in about 10 seconds you'll know his politics.

Terry is based in New York, which has afforded him the opportunity to appear on TV's Blue Bloods and Law & Order as well as The Daily Show and Comedy Central.

Now you've got a chance to see Terry McNeely live and in person this weekend at the Funny Stop. Give our Box Office a call at 330-923-4700 to get your tickets now.

Funny Stop Comedian

May 20-22
Don Jamieson

3 Nights Only!

"He's a sarcastic, caustic rib-splitter
who can wind up any audience and
splatter them hysterically"
-The Village Voice

Don Jamieson is best known as the co-host of VH1 Classic's long running, heavy metal talk show series, "That Metal Show" where legends of rock hung out to discuss their past and current projects in front of a live studio audience full of metal maniacs... a show that ran for 14 seasons. Rolling Stone Magazine dubbed "That Metal Show" as one of the 50 Best Reasons To Watch TV! He also co-hosted on "Beer Money", a fast-paced, non-traditional sports quiz show airing on SNY (SportsNet New York) and toured U.S. bases around the world for Armed Forces Entertainment.

Among his many accomplishments, Jamieson's three stand-up CDs, "Live & Hilarious", "Hell Bent For Laughter" and "Communications Breakdown" on Metal Blade Records all hit the Top 20 on iTunes and Top 10 on the Billboard comedy charts. Don is proudly sponsored by Monster Energy Drinks and Coldcock Whiskey.

Jamieson's proudest moment is becoming an "Emmy Award-Winner" for his work on HBO's "Inside The NFL". Don and long-time comedy partner, Jim Florentine, lent their brand of humor to the popular sports show; writing, producing and performing sports-themed comedy sketches. The two have also collaborated on the hidden-camera DVD and Comedy Central web series, "Meet The Creeps" as well as a series of prank call CD's, "Terrorizing Telemarketers," heard regularly on the Howard Stern radio show.

Don Jamieson is also a joke writer for the country's best celebrity roaster, Lisa Lampanelli and spent a decade as Andrew Dice Clay's steady opener in theaters across the U.S.

Don started his career as one of the young and talented comedy minds at MTV, helping to launch the careers of comics like Jon Stewart, Kevin James and Jay Mohr. But unbeknownst to many, Don was spending his nights on the local comedy scene developing his own comic style.

Check out Don's website at DonJamieson.com, then call the Funny Stop box office at 330-923-4700 to make your reservation for one of three nights of this appearance at the Funny Stop.

Funny Stop Comedian

May 27-29
Jake Iannarino Comedy Group

Music and Improv

After about a nearly 2-1/2 year absence from our stage that ended in January, the Funny Stop is happy to welcome Mr. Jake Iannarino back to the club... this time accompanied with his "Comedy Group".

Jake Iannarino is a comedian, actor, improvisational artist, and musician based in Columbus, Ohio. Jake's career began at the age of 17 when he was the youngest person admitted into Midwest Comedy Tool & Die, a nationally touring improv group.

Jake has toured the country as a headlining and feature stand up act, has been in two feature films produced by Adam Sandler's Happy Madison Productions and recorded two CD's for Laughing Hyena Records. Three of Jake's audio productions are available on iTunes as well.

Jake Iannarino was the featured act at both the Montreal Comedy Festival and Just for Laughs Festival in Las Vegas because of his wins in the Destination Stardom and PAX TV Star 2000 contests.

In addition to appearing at scores of different comedy clubs around the country, Jake has two TV projects... writing, producing, and featuring in The Flipside (with Michael Loftus) as well as his roll as Producer, writer and feature in American Wiseass on The History Channel.

Check out his website, JakeIannarino.com, then give the Funny Stop box office a call at 330-923-4700 to get your tickets to see this long awaited, return appearance of Jake Iannarino to our club.

Funny Stop Comedian

June 3-6
Anthony Rodia

His Funny Stop Debut!

You know the crazy uncle you love but can’t be out in public with or the nutty aunt who will speak her mind to your friends and neighbors (whether they asked her to or not)? Well, they’re both present in the comedy of Anthony Rodia along with relatable, real, and razor sharp observations on marriage, parenthood, road rage, and everything else worthy of a social media rant.

Within just two years, his ability to intimately depict life in all of its absurdity has attracted a rabid audience comprised of over 700,000 social media followers with 22 million-plus YouTube views. Selling out shows left and right nationwide and appearing on programs such as Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, Good Day New York, and Elizabeth & Elisa on News 12, he quietly claimed the throne of “KING OF OFF THE BOAT COMEDY.”

“I wanted to do something different,” he says. “With each video and at every one of my shows, I’m dragging you into my world. You’re a part of my upbringing, or you’re at home with my wife and kids. I don’t write my humor based on what I think is going to be funny; I write my humor based on what I think people are going to relate to the most. I’ve found you laugh at what you connect with. Anything connected to home makes it even funnier.”

A first generation Italian-American born and raised in Westchester, NY, Anthony loved making people laugh from the first moment he could. His mother kept home videos of her six-year-old son imitating aunts, uncles, and grandparents at Christmastime and leaving the room in stitches. After sneaking downstairs to watch Andrew Dice Clay on New Year’s Eve (without the adults noticing), he developed a lifelong passion for comedy. Citing Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Eddie Murphy, and Robin Williams as formative influences, he never missed an opportunity to pull a prank at school or attract a crowd in the hallway with a spot-on impersonation of a teacher. He dabbled in comedy with a few open mics in his early twenties, but he ultimately took a different career path and became a finance manager of a luxury car dealership.

After hearing unstoppable laughter from a movie theater crowd during Deadpool 2, he chose to finally pick up comedy again. As a test run, he filled a local theater with friends and family. Sellouts followed at hotspots such as Caroline’s on Broadway, Governor’s Comedy Club, Levity Live and more.

Exiting his day job in 2019, he performed 100 shows in just nine months and increased his social media imprint by nearly 1,000% with a nonstop series of videos. “ROAD RAGE WEDNESDAY” became a fan favorite, but Uncle Vinny and Zia Lucia transformed into a phenomenon. With Anthony playing these insanely lovable characters (house dress and all), he brought the stories from his stage routine to life in cinematic fashion. “Uncle Vinny came by accident, and I had to give him a wife, so I created Zia Lucia who is basically five or six of my aunts rolled into one,” he says. “I have four or five conversations going on in my head at any given time!”

At the same time, he consistently pushed himself. No two videos or shows would ever be the same.

“Everybody says I’m crazy, because I’ll say something on stage I just came up with an hour ago,” he admits. “I don’t want the audience to have the same experience twice. The only way I can keep building this business without getting old and tired is to try to be funnier than I was yesterday. That’s the approach I take. Can I push the envelope more? Can I get more creative with my characters? It’s nonstop.”

With the onset of quarantine, he made the most of a captive audience, delivering a staggering 86 videos in a row. Additionally, he performed his biggest gig yet, a virtual performance livestreamed worldwide from Wall Street Theater in Connecticut closing out the summer 2020.

With shows planned for legendary spots such as Foxwoods, countless videos, and surprises on the horizon, Anthony willbring everyone even closer with each new routine.

“I channel what you dealt with when you were young, what you’re going through with your spouse, and what you’re experiencing with your kids, and I’m relating it to you,” he leaves off. “It strikes a nerve. I have a way of saying what most people are thinking—but don’t say because they don’t want to offend anybody. I’m really thankful it’s resonated, and I’m not going to stop.”

Funny Stop Comedian

June 10-12
Scott White

3 Nights Only

Born in Dearborn, Michigan. Scott White started doing comedy in his first year of college. He took on a partner, entered a contest and came in dead last.

It took another 10 years to get back on the stage. After 25 brutal winters in Michigan Scott moved to Houston, Texas and began his way back on the stage with stand-up comedy.

Well, as it is stated in the comic rule book, you need to wait tables before you can start doing comedy full time which he did. When the restaurant closed its doors Scott figured this was a good jumping off point, and so started doing comedy full time.

Scott White has worked all over the United States, plus overseas entertaining our troops in Korea, Japan and Guam. He has worked with some of the best (and worst) comics in the business and keeps on coming back for more.

Scott still runs with the wind to get to his dream! Being a road comic full-time, he knows the hardship of the road and pushes himself more towards his dreams. The admiration Scott demonstrates is complete professionalism and respect in his business with the compassion for others. The combination of talent, determination and hard work, makes this particular comic one to follow his career to the top.

You can also hear Scott's CD, "Dirty White Boy", on Sirius XM Satellite Radio. This high energy comic still leaves the audience hysterical with laughter when heading out the exit door!

With too many Scott White's on the internet, check out his unique take on his name at the website ScottyBlanco.com, then call the Funny Stop box office at 330-923-4700 to make a reservation to see this unique comedian during this 3 night appearance at the club.

Funny Stop Comedian

June 18-19
Julian McCullough


If you have a long memory, you will remember that Julian McCullough made his Funny Stop debut back in 2012.

Nine years later, he's back... for two nights only!

Julian McCullough is a very funny young man who has performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, NPR's This American Life, and starred in his own half hour special on Comedy Central.

You can catch him every Saturday as host of TBS' "Very Funny News".

He has contributed to and on MTV2's hit series Guy Code as well as countless pop culture talking head shows and has hosted three stand alone specials for VH1.

He also has a 2 bedroom apartment and really nice sheets.

See Julian McCullough in his long awaited Funny Stop return, on Friday & Saturday, June 18th & 19th.

Funny Stop Comedian

June 24-26
Mark Riccadonna

3 Nights Only!

It's not been so long ago that the Funny Stop introduced the area to Mark Riccadonna. Now a half a decade has passed, and he is returning to kick off our 2021 schedule at the club.

Mark Riccadonna grew up an artsy jock outside of Youngstown, Ohio. At age 17 (like a bad independent movie), Mark moved to New York City in search of himself and happiness. He pursued Theatre at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, joining "The Company" after graduation. Soon after, Mark stumbled upon Stand-Up Comedy and found success as a storyteller, performing throughout New York City, and 'on the road'.

Mark Riccadonna continues to climb the ranks in the world of stand-up. He is a gifted storyteller, with a charisma that makes you feel like you've known him forever, unique delivery, signature voice (that has landed him several commercials) and likability.

In his first two Funny Stop appearances, the audiences saw why he is a favorite at clubs and theatres everywhere. Now you have that chance as well.

Mark currently also performs for Armed Forces Entertainment, and has entertained U.S. and U.N. Troops worldwide, performing in six continents while working with his childhood heroes.

Take a look at Mark Riccadonna's website (with both stand-up and sketch videos) at MarkRiccadonna.com and see what is on his mind on his Twitter account found HERE, then make a reservation to see him this weekend at the Funny Stop.

Funny Stop Comedian

July 15
Michele Traina

One Night Only!

Michele Traina wears many different hats. She’s a teacher, mother, comedian and performer.

Just like a lot of Americans, Traina has dealt with her fair share of trials and tribulations. She has been thrown a few curve-balls, but being the optimist she is Michele has turned her negatives into positives.

Recently she started an act called “Divorce Diaries” where she makes light of her messy situation.

Divorce is a touchy subject, but Michele has found a way for her and others to heal through laughter. Since starting the act she’s traveled the nation and has performed in various comedy clubs making people laugh about a touchy subject.

Her "One Woman Show" has traveled nearly from Coast to Coast, from Caroline's Comedy Club in New York City to a run in Las Vegas.

Now Northeastern Ohio comedy fans can see Michele Traina during her "One Night Only" debut appearance at the Funny Stop on Thursday, July 15th.

Check out her website, and the portion dedicated to her "Divorce Diaries" show at MicheleTraina.com, then call our Box Office at 330-923-4700 to make your reservation.

Funny Stop Comedian

August 19-21
Aaron Berg

Three Nights Only!

Earlier this year, Pete brought Aaron Berg to our stage for his headlining debut at the Funny Stop. As good fortune has allowed, we have been able to book this rising star for a return appearance this weekend. Please welcome back Mr. Aaron Berg to our stage.

Aaron Berg's world record breaking documentary "25 Sets" is on Amazon Prime right now. Aaron made his Comedy Central debut on THIS IS NOT HAPPENING in 2016 and has made two appearances on AXS TV’s LIVE AT GOTHAM, an appearance on GOTHAM LIVE VR as well as doing crowd work on BIG JAY OAKERSON’S “WYFD?!?”.

Berg is half of the daily show "IN HOT WATER" which can only be viewed on COMPOUNDMEDIA.COM. He is also an author and currently has two books out... Mr Manners and American Etiquette.

Aaron Berg's has four albums available on iTunes and Amazon... COMEDY COLTRANE, Mr. Manners - Live From Long Island City, UNSCRIPTED - MIAMI and American Etiquette. Aaron can also be seen in the cult classic films Detroit Rock City, The Ladies Man and Boondocks Saints 2 as well as being one of the series leads on Hulu’s 24 Hour Rental.

Berg's brand new podcast, Badass Jews, is available on iTunes and Spotify and is produced by Diga Studios.

Aaron makes his home in New York City, and will be making an encore appearance at the Funny Stop this weekend. Make your reservations today!

• • • Show Schedule and Performers Subject To Change • • •

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