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Funny Stop Comedian

May 28-30
Greg Morton

Three Nights Only

Greg Morton had only two choices in schoolyard conflicts. Learn the ways of the force, or use his wit to diffuse situations.

That wit would soon lead to winning first prize in the "So You Think You're Funny Contest" and the beginning of his stand-up comedy career.

He was no longer the shy introverted kid, drawing cartoons in the corner. He had finally found his voice. A voice he would later use to direct and voice over twenty Saturday Morning cartoons. This former mobile disc jockey, who used to play songs at weddings, now sings song parodies on nationally syndicated radio programs like the Bob and Tom Show.

Take Greg's "Obama Man", sung to Sammy Davis, Jr.'s tune "Candy Man", which has racked up over 4 million hits on YouTube.

Since the debut of his two minute Star Wars mash-up on Just for Laughs and Comedy Central, Greg Morton has gone on to entertain audiences worldwide, opening for Celine Dion and Luther Vandross at Radio City Music Hall.

A noble choice of career young Padawan. Trading light sabers for laughs. This way, no one looses an arm.

Check out Greg Morton's website at GregMorton.com and follow him on Twitter at @GregMortonComic, then call the Funny Stop box office at 330-923-4700 to make your reservation to see Greg Morton appear on our stage, live and in person, on May 28th through May 30th.

Funny Stop Comedian

June 2-6
Nathan Timmel

A Full Week of Shows

When he was but six years old, Nathan Timmel conned his sweet little old grandmother into buying him a record album. The cover pictured a man picking his nose, and what's funnier to a six-year-old than boogers? The album was George Carlin's "Class Clown," and soon Nathan was the only child running around the playground shouting the "Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television."

Thus began Nathan's comedy career.

Since those auspicious beginnings, Nathan has performed at comedy clubs across the country, recorded two comedy CD's - the second of which, "An Idiot Speaks," receives regular airplay on both Sirius and XM satellite radio--and visited the nationally-syndicated Bob and Tom Show.

He has also become a world-traveler, having visited such countries as Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait and Japan (to name a few) to perform for American soldiers stationed far from home. Cutting past partisan politics and getting down to matters we all agree on is one of Nathan's many skills as a wordsmith; though the media may try to separate us as a people, Nathan is here to unite all using one weapon: the sound of laughter.

To learn more about Nathan Timmel, visit his website at NathanTimmel.com

Funny Stop Comedian

June 9-13
Rob Allen

A Full Week of Shows

The Funny Stop welcomes back an old friend and all-time club favorite, Rob Allen.

For over 25 years, Rob Allen has performed his stand-up act for audiences around the world.

His comedic experience includes tours in eight different countries and appearances in six different courtrooms.

Most recently, Rob Allen has been performing as part of the "Standing Ovation Tour" with host Sommore and Bruce Bruce, Tommy Davidson, Earthquake, Mark Curry and more.

Rob Allen is a legend in the world of stand-up comedy, if for no other reason than for being the first comic ever banned from B.E.T.'s ComicView (just for being stupid).

Make your reservations today by calling the Funny Stop Box Office at 330-923-4700 to see Rob Allen perform live and in person, on our stage during a rare, weeklong appearance.

Funny Stop Comedian

June 18-20
Carl Strong

3 Nights Only!

Hold on to your seats and your funny bones...

It's almost impossible to categorize Carl Strong. He delivers a blend of satire, observational comedy, impressions and off the wall characterizations that set him apart from other comedians.

Carl Strong has shared the stage with such entertainment luminaries as Gladys Knight, Chaka Kahn, Dionne Warwick, Guess Who, and Smokey Robinson. His universal appeal is reflected by the varied venues in which he has performed. From "An Evening at the Improv," and the BET Network to "Politically Incorrect," "Comedy Central," "Full Frontal Comedy" and MTV's "Half Hour Comedy Hour," Carl Strong has the ability to entertain...anyone!

Carl has been away from the Funny Stop for a while.

Back in 2010, he was diagnosed with CHF (Congestive Heart Failure). Even with a pacemaker and internal defribrillator, his heart was only working at 15%.

After a very long wait on the surgical list, on May 8, 2013 Carl Strong underwent a second major operation, having his much-awaited heart transplant.

Now, two years after surgery, Carl feels he has been given the greatest blessing imaginable and is deeply motivated to be reconnected with the national stage and sharing his comedic message of hope and inspiration.

You can learn more about the comedy and the faith of Carl Strong by visiting his website, CarlStrong.com.

Don't miss this opportunity to see Carl Strong make one of his rare, dry land appearances (he works a LOT of cruise ships) by calling to Funny Stop box office at 330-923-4700 to book your reservation now.

Funny Stop Comedian

June 25-27
Julie McCullough

Three Nights Only

The Funny Stop is proud to announce the return appearance to our stage by Julie McCullough.

Does Julie look familiar?

If you were a viewer of late 80's and early 90's sit-coms, perhaps you will remember her as "Julie Costello", the nanny to Alan Thicke's kids on Growing Pains.

If you read Hugh Hefner's magazine ("just for the articles", of course) you might have noticed Julie McCullough as you turned the pages in one of her four different appearances in Playboy Magazine including a cover and a centerfold as Playmate of the Month in February 1986.

As the years went by, Julie went on to appear in the E! reality show "The Girls Next Door" and was even recognized as "Playboy's unofficial ambassador to the MySpace nation".

In more recent times, Julie McCullough has become the Funny Bunny, performing at such venues as the Hollywood Improv and the Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Julie keeps her bio rather short and simple.

USMC brat. Grew up in several states.
I'm Irish, I'm Southern, drink Alot of coffee and Love hats.
I am a veggie girl, I am also pro-animal rights, anti-fur and anti-vivisection.
Born in 1965 in Honolulu, Hawaii, named after a 1950's song called "Oh Julie".
Went to high school in Poplar Bluff, MO and Allen, TX.
I was a model and an actress, I won The Weakest Link and I've been a Jeopardy question 4 times, I love that.
I'm a stand-up Comic and a Playboy Bunny = funnybunny.
No I don't wanna date you.
If I do date you, please make me laugh, open my truck door and write songs about how I broke your heart ;-)
'nuff said.

Julie McCullough made her Funny Stop debut back in the Fall of 2013, selling out every single show during her 'Two Night Only' appearance. Since then, Pete has tried hard to get her back, and this weekend was the first chance to do so.

Who knows when our audiences will get another chance to see the "Funny Bunny" at the Funny Stop. Don't miss your chance to see Julie McCullough in this special, 2 night only appearance at the Funny Stop this weekend.

Make your reservations now by calling our Box Office at 330-923-4700.

Funny Stop Comedian

June 30
2nd Annual "Comedy Blowout"

One Night Only

To kick off Independence Day week, the Funny Stop is proud to host its 2nd Annual "Comedy Blowout" event on Tuesday, June 30th.

Last year's lineup included more than a dozen different emcees, feature acts and headliners, each performing a short comedy set.

Look for more of the same in 2015.

The full line-up for this year's event will be announced soon, but you can still make a reservation the 2nd Annual "Comedy Blowout" event at the Funny Stop by calling our box office at 330-923-4700 today.


Funny Stop Comedian

July 1
THE FINALS: Ohio's Best Amateur Comedian Contest

A Funny Stop Tradition

One Night Only!

See the "Best of the Best" from months of preliminary qualifying rounds, then quarter-final and semi-final eliminations battle to see which of them can wow the audiences and our judges to take home the crown as "Ohio's Best Amateur Comedian".

Make your reservations now by calling the Funny Stop Box Office at 330-923-4700.



Funny Stop Comedian Funny Stop Comedian

July 2-3
DOUBLE HEADLINERS: Katrina Brown & Shawn Boyd

Two Nights Only

Enjoy two headliners for the price of one, when Katrina Brown and Shawn Boyd perform for you on Thursday and Friday, July 2nd and 3rd at the Funny Stop.

Dubbed "The Weird One" by her step-father, Katrina Brown has spent her life living up to that nickname. With her metal head and potpourri of physical oddities, there is no shortage of material for her to draw from.

As the youngest of seven children, Katrina found that cultivating an obnoxious and loud personality was a way to not get lost in the shuffle.

Add in a marriage to a Sasquatch, mother of two boys, and this woman has found a lot to say. She'll say the things you wish you were bold enough to. Katrina Brown has no filter when it comes to keeping her material real, relatable, and honest.

Mixing material everyone can relate to in with her own bizarre reality of being a "Mutant" misfit of society, Brown's experiences as a wife, mother, aging woman, Pop Culture Addict, and 'proof nature likes practical jokes' keep audiences of every adult age and demographic in stitches.

Simply put? This woman is fearless and fierce.

Katrina Brown has been touring for years through OH, WV, KY, MD, IN, IL, TN, ND, WI. and the list goes on. Local spots for NE Ohio's PBS station and performing Stand-Up for "Laugh Out Loud St. Louis" round out her ever-growing resume as an Entertainer.

Blue enough to merit a PG-13 rating, and clean enough to not horrify people, Katrina Brown leaves an audience better for the experience of having seen the Mutant Queen of Ohio Comedy... and that is why she is following up her debut headlining appearance at the Funny Stop with this expanded "Three Night Only" booking.

- - - - -

Originally from Cleveland, Shawn Boyd has been touring comedy clubs, colleges and churches all over. Shawn is a sky-scraping, energy crammed comedian that salutes the room of people that have come to enjoy the un-fabricated gossip that makes our crazy world sane.

Shawn Boyd's material encompasses childhood follies, joys and bounds of fatherhood, the challenges of hounding the "Other Gender", being single and current delivery of our immediate world. From diaper rashes to "seasoned citizens", Shawn's harmless methods show a lot of teeth in the rows from front to back.

Shawn has worked with the likes of; Kyle Cease, Louie Anderson, TJ Miller, TK Kirkland, Doug Stanhope, Nick Vaterrott, LA Hardy, Michael Blackson, Reggie "Bruah Man", The Disgruntled Clown, Traci Kannan, and too many more to name!

"10 years ago I would have never thought I would be doing comedy and making a living off of it! I started writing in 2001 but was married to a negative woman and I told her 'I want to do comedy' and her response was 'COMEDY?!?', so I didn't," said Boyd.

"In 2003 my friend was shot and killed. At the funeral God moved me to get up and speak. Not knowing what I was going to say, I got up there and was crying and talking and people was laughing at what I was saying. I still didn't think nothing of it. When a similar situation occured 2 years later, I realized I had a gift and said to myself if I put my heart, my mind, soul and give it to God, I can make anyone laugh at any given time," reflected Shawn.

"Got on stage in 2009 and the rest is history!"

You can find out more about Shawn Boyd at his official website, ShawnBoydComedy.com.

- - - - -

To make a reservation for this special "Double Headliner" night with Katrina Brown and Shawn Boyd, call the Box Office at 330-923-4700.


Saturday, July 4th

The Funny Stop showroom will be dark so that our performers and staff may spend this holiday with their families and friends!

Funny Stop Comedian

July 7-11
Jim Tews

His First Ever
Funny Stop Appearance

The Funny Stop is thrilled to introduce our audiences to yet another first time headliner at our club. Please welcome Jim Tews.

Comedian and writer Jim Tews has had an eventful 2014. He made his stand-up television debut on Last Comic Standing and was featured in an episode of Louie. Previously he was one of 2011's New Faces at Just For Laughs Montreal and has performed in the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, as well as San Francisco's SF Sketchfest.

Jim Tews recently created/ co-wrote and starred in The Undone Sweaters web series about a sociophobic Weezer cover band, which was featured on Funny or Die and Nerdist.com.

Tews also created the HBO Labs' web series The Opener and recently directed a feature length documentary about Cleveland's independent comedy scene called Make Fun.

He has yet to completely accept his parents' divorce.

Not one to waste a bit of creative energy on a catchy website name or fancy Twitter handle, to find out more about Jim Tews you'll want to visit his website, JimTews.com and follow him on Twitter under the user name @JimTews.

If you like what you see, call the Funny Stop box office at 330-923-4700 to book a reservation to see Jim Tews in his headling debut at the Funny Stop.

Funny Stop Comedian

July 17-18
Angel Salazar

Two Nights Only!

The Funny Stop is thrilled to host the return of actor/comedian Angel Salazar to our stage.

For many, their first introduction fo Angel Salazar was his dramatic roles in films like "Scarface" and "Carlito's Way". For others, it was seeing him on NBC's "Last Comic Standing".

With Cuban-American roots and a penchant for sporting attire almost as risque as his routine, Angel Salazar has rapidly become one of live comedy's heavy-hitter acts.

With an act that combines music, comedy, and even a bit of a 'Magic Mike' routine, Angel Salizar's performances are high energy wth a lot of crowd participation.

It should come as no surprise that Angel Salizar has sold out venues across the country. Audiences are stunned to find out that this rapid-fire performance is coming from a man in his late 50s.

If you missed out on his New Year's Eve appearance at the Funny Stop, don't miss this chance. Call the Funny Stop Box Office at 330-923-4700 to make your reservations today.

Funny Stop Comedian

July 21
Tim Cornett

One Night Only!

Tim Cornett is funny in the same way a clown dressed like a hobo is. An American icon replacing both Mark Twain in folksy cleverness and Elvis Presley in raw sexual energy.

Tim has accepted many compliments, from "you are funny" to "You are very funny", and the fact that he accepts these compliments with grace instead of laughing the way you do when someone states something stupidly obvious is a mark of what a wonderful person he is.

Originally from Cleveland, The Tim Cornett Experience consists of High Energy Wit that alternates between the silly and sublime, where the audience gets a moment to experience the world through Tim's stunning blue eyes.

Cornett has taken a seldom tread path in comedy. Instead of moving from club to club as most comics do, Tim opted to move from city to city, spending his time absorbing how people laugh on a regional level, in some of the great American cities Including Las Vegas, Nevada, Los Angeles, California, Portland, Oregon and Louisville, Kentucky.

Tim Cornett (or "The He-Man from Cleve-Land") has been featured on many radio stations and newspaper outlets across the country. Tim has been interviewed for the prestigious Comedians magazine, and has a sure to be platinum comedy CD that will win many awards once it is recorded.

You can learn more about Tim by clicking HERE to visit his Facebook page, then call the Funny Stop box office at 330-923-4700 to make your reservation to see Tim Cornett in this "One Night Only" appearance.

Funny Stop Comedian

July 22-25
Michael Trixx

Rock & Roll Magic

With a background in music, Michael Trixx combines his two passions, Rock N' Roll and Magic to give an unforgetable performance.

Live doves and parakeets appearing and vanishing from thin air, levitations, confetti blizzards, fire magic second to none and his magic bunny "Hocus Pocus" all make for a rockin' good time.

Trixx has performed at clubs all over the United States as well as London, England.

His 2009 Florida State Magic Convention's Stage Show Contest Championship led to an appearance in the debut season of NBC's hit show "America's Got Talent".

This week Michael Trixx brings his "All Fired Up" extravaganza to the Funny Stop for his only appearance at our club this year. It is one show you don't want to miss!

Funny Stop Comedian

July 30-August 2
Anthony Potmesil

Includes Special XXX Show On Sunday

Hypnotist, Comedian, and Magician all in one.."The Mind Bender".. When it comes to comedy entertainment, Anthony Potmesil is the "Jack of all trades". This high energy show has been a must see in clubs and colleges all over the nation.

Anthony's show is full of audience participation as he combines fast paced humor with the awesome power of Hypno-Magic to produce the hottest, most hilarious, and unforgettable hypnotic stage show in the country. His shows will keep you laughing non-stop.

Having toured all over the U.S., with over 100 shows per year, Anthony Potmesil has hypnotized thousands. Bringing people through the wildest sides of their imagination, Potmesil will have your friends unknowingly bark like dogs, dance like ballerinas, and sing like rock stars.

Finishing 1st and 2nd in 2003 and 2004 in the Variety Entertainer of the Year at the annual Laff-Fest Comedy Competition at Caesars Palace Las Vegas out of 40 of the nations funniest variety entertainers, Anthony Potmesil is said to be the funniest comedy hypnotist in the country.

Funny Stop Comedian

August 6-8
Dustin Diamond

Three Nights Only

Not long after his last appearance at the Funny Stop, Dustin Diamond got LOTS of publicity from TMZ and the national media. It wasn't for his acting or his comedic skills, but those with a knife, when defending his lady at a bar in Wisconsin.

Thankfully, those matters seem to have been resolved and it is our pleasure to welcome Dustin Diamond back for a 5th consecutive year at the Funny Stop!

Dustin Diamond is an American actor, musician, director, and stand-up comedian best known for his role as Samuel "Screech" Powers in the television shows Saved by the Bell, Good Morning, Miss Bliss, Saved by the Bell: The College Years and Saved by the Bell: The New Class.

Diamond's most memorable role was that of the nerdy Samuel "Screech" Powers on the television show Saved by the Bell, a role he played for close to thirteen years from its beginning as Good Morning, Miss Bliss through its final incarnation, Saved by the Bell: The New Class. Continuing the series into college, Saved by the Bell: The College Years shows most of the cast transplanted into not only the same college, but also the same college dormitory, where Screech continued his typical misadventures.

Diamond began doing stand up comedy after the end of Saved by the Bell, and has toured ever since. He has also been featured on a number of game and reality shows including The Weakest Link, Celebrity Boxing 2, to name a few. Diamond has also made several cameo appearances in films, including appearances in Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star in 2003 and in Made in 2001. In 2009, he also played the part of "Alumnus Guy #1," in American Pie Presents: The Book of Love. In 2010, he had a supporting role in the sports comedy Tetherball: The Movie. In it Dustin plays the "Foul Mouth"'s down-on-his luck coach.

In 2007 Diamond was a cast member of the fifth season of Celebrity Fit Club. Most recently, Diamond appeared as a contestant on Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling, broadcast on CMT.

For the past several years, Dustin Diamond has toured the country with a comedy stage show that continues to play to big audiences and receives critical acclaim from the press and the fans.

Make your reservations today to see Dustin Diamond at the Funny Stop by calling our Box Office at 330-923-4700.

• • • Show Schedule and Performers Subject To Change • • •

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