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Funny Stop Comedian

January 17-19
Greg Morton

3 Nights Only!

Greg Morton had only two choices in schoolyard conflicts. Learn the ways of the force, or use his wit to diffuse situations.

That wit would soon lead to winning first prize in the "So You Think You're Funny Contest" and the beginning of his stand-up comedy career.

He was no longer the shy introverted kid, drawing cartoons in the corner. He had finally found his voice. A voice he would later use to direct and voice over twenty Saturday Morning cartoons. This former mobile disc jockey, who used to play songs at weddings, now sings song parodies on nationally syndicated radio programs like the Bob and Tom Show.

Take Greg's "Obama Man", sung to Sammy Davis, Jr.'s tune "Candy Man", which has racked up over 4 million hits on YouTube.

Since the debut of his two minute Star Wars mash-up on Just for Laughs and Comedy Central, Greg Morton has gone on to entertain audiences worldwide, opening for Celine Dion and Luther Vandross at Radio City Music Hall.

A noble choice of career young Padawan. Trading light sabers for laughs. This way, no one looses an arm.

Check out Greg Morton's website at GregMorton.com and follow him on Twitter at @GregMortonComic, then call the Funny Stop box office at 330-923-4700 to make your reservation to see Greg Morton appear on our stage, live and in person this weekend.

Funny Stop Comedian

January 24-26
Jay Stevens

3 Nights Only!

Jay Stevens is a professional comedian, and has been for more than a decade. Jay has been very successful at making people laugh in any venue, from churches to comedy clubs to cruise ships, and now... casinos! He's also been digitally entertaining audiences with his hilarious skits and commercial reenactments.

Jay's life changed drastically when a video sketch of Stevens getting into an humorous altercation with a police officer, in which Stevens places himself in a police cruiser of an overly intimidating officer, went viral after amassing over 30 million views in just one week!

Jay's "Life Is Hilarious" Tour has been selling out all over the country, leaving audiences in stitches. Stevens has the uncanny ability to point out how funny life really is. From standup to sketch comedy, Jay Stevens is a comic you don't want to miss!

Funny Stop Comedian

January 31 - February 2
Butch Lord

3 Nights Only!

Butch Lord is a 20 year veteran stand-up comedian. He has been headlining comedy club across the country for nearly 15 of those years.

His stand-up shows are fast-paced and high energy as Butch takes the stage with a flurry of loud music, one-liners and short stories that grab your attention and never let’s go!!! His hard, edgy look is quickly softened by his carefree and lighthearted view of himself and the world around him.

His genuine enthusiasm for performing, and his obvious passion for making people laugh shine through brilliantly and endear him to even the most conservative audiences!

Although Butch has maintained a regular tour schedule for his stand-up comedy through the years, he managed to expand his arsenal by bringing his considerable talents to radio in the late nineties. By late 2001, Butch was a very popular member of a nationally syndicated morning radio show. That show was syndicated on more than 40 FM stations, but it was also on Sirius satellite radio. As satellite radio was relatively new and still finding its niche, Butch was as open to searching all its potentials and limitations as anyone. It was satellite’s most obvious advantage, the fact that a show can be heard anywhere in the country, that Butch focused his attentions on. He felt that it was potentially as bad for radio as it was good because of what Butch felt was one of the biggest reasons people listen to radio at all… being able to talk with and actually see from time to time your favorite DJ or talk show host!

Since satellite radio produces and broadcasts virtually all of their shows from a single location, New York for Sirius and Washington DC for XM, just how often would listeners across the country talk to, or for that matter, see, their favorite DJ’s and hosts!?! Not very often… never really.

That dilemma led Butch to the concept of a touring radio show!!!

A show that would be both national and local by touring nationally and interviewing locally! And that concept is the basis of Butch’s new radio show, The Butch Lord Radio Road Show! Butch takes his production crew with him as he tours comedy clubs across the country. As most comedy clubs have the comedians for one week, Butch spends his off time each week in search of LIVE LOCAL ORIGINAL music, LIVE LOCAL ORIGINAL comedy and LIVE LOCAL ORIGINAL cool stuff (interesting people doing interesting things).

We invite you to check out Butch’s stand-up and his radio show online. His stand-up can be seen at ButchLord.com and his radio show can be heard at TheButchLordRadioShow.com... then call the Funny Stop box office at 330-923-4700 to make your reservation to see him live and in-person at the club.

Funny Stop Comedian

February 7-9
Crystal Powell

3 Nights Only!

Handing comedian Crystal Powell a mic is like lighting a fuse under a power keg. The results are explosive!

Born in Tyler, Texas and raised in the small country town, Crystal Powell proudly embraces her roots as a down-home girl with a heart as big as her dreams.

From L.A to Houston, the comedy world has welcomed Crystal as a remarkable humorist who dispenses edgy and endearingly silly comedy inspired by Whoopi Goldberg, Eddie Murphy, Lily Tomlin and Carol Burnett.

When Crystal hits the stage she paints vivid pictures of real life with broad strokes, making every audience part of her canvas and each set a masterpiece of stand-up comedy. Her performances are accented by the earnest zeal with which she tackles every project and the memories of her mother that embolden her passion.

Crystal fearlessly wears her heart on her sleeve. The sexy raw honesty that emanates suits her. Packed venues eagerly try it on for size each time she hits the stage at L.A’s Laugh Factory as well as Improvs throughout California and Texas.

Crystal Powell is a triple threat, adding accomplished actor and singer to her impressive resume, snagging roles in the critically acclaimed film “Ball Don’t Lie” and making guest appearances on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”. Powell recently earned a coveted spot as one of “Houston’s All-Stars of Comedy.”

She also aims to show the world that comedy and entertainment have broken free of gender biases, declaring, “Women are just as funny as men and they have a lot to say”. And this multi-faceted artist whose greatest loves are simply laughter, good food and family is definitely worth listening to.

You should check out her website at CrystalPComedy.com and follow her on Twitter account @CrystalPComedy so you can prepare to catch Crystal Powell in her debut appearance at the Funny Stop. Just call our box office at 330-923-4700 to make your reservation.

Valentine's Day at the Funny Stop
Funny Stop Comedian Funny Stop Comedian

February 14
Tim Folger & Mike Cheselka

Valentine's Day

Tim Folger
Don't wait to have fun, make fun where ever you go and whatever you do.

Tim Folger's show takes you on a wild ride that draws on every aspect of "real life." From relationships... family to marrage, kids, divorce, and jobs... just find the fun in life and ride the wave out.

For nearly 20 years Tim Folger has performed in comedy clubs, colleges and corporate events all over the world including multiple European comedy tours.

You may have seen Tim in his appearance in "The Shawshank Redemption" or have been touched by his TV commercial and radio work.

Tim Folger offers a fresh brewed sense of humor. It's a laugh, snort, and shoot beer through your nose kind of a good time.

Mike Cheselka
Michael Cheselka is not only a Brecksville native and Cleveland resident, but he spent a quarter of a century working as a nationally renowned comedian... before finding steady work as an attorney.

For 3 glorious years, Cheselka toured as one of ‘The Outlaws of Comedy’ with the late Sam Kinison and over the course of his comedy career has traveled to all 50 states and 17 foreign countries as a headlining comedian.

After nearly a decade away from the club, please welcome back to the Funny Stop stage... Mr. Mike Cheselka!

Valentine's Day Weekend at the Funny Stop
Funny Stop Comedian

February 15-16
Steve Hytner

Two Nights Only!

Steve Hytner has made an indelible impression on both the large and small screens.

Combined with headlining comedy clubs nationally and his many corporate shows, Steve is one of America’s best stand ups and most recognized character actors.

Steve received critical acclaim for his portrayal of Kenny Bania on the long running hit "Seinfeld". His other works include "Modern Family", "Hung", "Mike and Molly", "Two and a Half Men", "Curb your Enthusiasm", "CSI", "CSI New York", "Boston Legal", "Friends", "Roswell", "King of Queens" and many, many more.

He started his feature career in the film "Ski Patrol" and went on to co-star in such films as "In the Line of Fire" with Clint Eastwood, "Forces of Nature" with Ben Affleck and Sandra Bullock, "The Marrying Man" with Alec Baldwin, "Eurotrip", "Love Stinks", "Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle", "The Haunted Mansion", and "The Prophecy" trilogy of films to name a few.

But most importantly, don’t miss his stand up show where he has been tearing it up!

To learn more about Steve Hytner, visit his website at SteveHytner.com, then pick up the phone and call our Box Office at 330-923-4700 to make your reservation to see Steve Hytner in his encore appearance at the Funny Stop.

Funny Stop Comedian

February 21-23
Matt Fulchiron

Three Nights Only!

Let's give a warm welcome to Matt Fulchiron, who is making a return appearance at the Funny Stop!

Known to those in the know as "The Full Charge," Matt Fulchiron makes love to the mic with an elevated level of rhythm, vocabulary, and insight.

Matt has performed on the television shows "Comedy Central Presents," "Live at Gotham," "The Late Late Show" on CBS, "Last Comic Standing," "Tosh.0," "Last Call with Carson Daly," and "Comics Unleashed."

He’s also appeared on "The Joe Rogan Experience" podcast and was the opening act on Daniel Tosh's recent "Great Nor'Easter Tour."

Take a moment to check out some of Matt Fulchiron's video clips by clicking HERE.

If you missed your first chance to see Matt live and in person at the Funny Stop last year, or you would like to recreate that magic again, call our Box Office at 330-923-4700 for reservations.

Funny Stop Comedian

February 28
Jeff Shaw

One Night Only!

Jeff Shaw is a stand-up comic whose material is marked both by idealism and humanity. His stimulating satire is often infused with a singular poetic beauty. More important, he looks like Rod Stewart.

Over the past three decades, Jeff has performed nearly 9,000 shows across North America and the Caribbean, including a residency in Las Vegas. In 2009, Jeff helped launch the Punchliner Comedy Club chain for Carnival Cruise Line, where he's known as Jeff "the Fun Dude," and was the club manager and house MC on the Carnival Dream.

In the 1990s, Jeff wrote popular comedic essays and feature stories for Cleveland's Scene Magazine, Buffalo's Art Voice, and the online comedy publication SHECKY! Magazine. Jeff is also a former staff writer for Cleveland's American Greetings Corporation, responsible for hundreds of funny greeting cards and novelty items for the company's Alternative Cards Department.

Jeff's hilarious first book, "The Fun Dude's Guide to Cruising: A Humorous Handbook for Taking Your First Cruise and Living to Complain About It" was published in 2016 and is available now as a paperback and Kindle e-book on Amazon. His 2nd book, titled "You Can Call Me His Fun Dudeness" was released last year.

Check out some of Jeff's stand-up content through video clips, segments from his comedy album and music video by visiting his website at JeffTheFunDude.com", then give the Funny Stop box office a call at 330-923-4700 to reserve a seat for his first ever headlining appearance at our club.

Funny Stop Comedian

March 1-2
Kate Quigley

Two Nights Only!

Let's give a great big Funny Stop welcome to Kate Quigley as she makes an encore appearance at our club this weekend.

Kate Quigley is a standup comedian, model, host and actress. Most notably Kate is currently seen on MTV2's ADD TV and for two seasons was the "up for anything" star of UNDERCOVER on Playboy TV where she traveled the world and commenting on the culture.

Kate's other TV credits include THE OFFICE (NBC), THE DANNY COMDEN PROJECT (Pilot for Warner Bros), THE MEGAN MULLALLY SHOW (NBC), and TALKSHOW WITH SPIKE FERESTEN (FOX) to name a few.

Quigley also hosts a podcast, #DateFAILS, which receives over 30,000 downloads per week and has entertainers including Katt Williams, Jon Lovitz, and Stephen Kramer Glickman as guests.

The last three "All Def Digitals" that she did for YouTube received over 4 million views.

Kate tours as a headlining comedian, following up on the success of her own monthly show at L.A.'s Laugh Factory entitled RATED R. When not on on the road, she continues to be a paid regular in Los Angeles at the Improv, Laugh Factory, Icehouse, and Haha Comedy Club.

She recently returned from an Armed Forces Tour, performing for troops in Japan, Singapore, Guam, and Diego Garcia.

Kate has a BFA in Acting from the prestigious Chicago College for Performing Arts and was selected in 2016 to be the host of AVN (the Academy Awards of porno) at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas and also wrote all her own material.

You can follow Kate Quigley on Twitter under the handle @KateQFunny or check her out on Facebook by clicking HERE, then call the Funny Stop box office at 330-923-4700 to make a reservation to see her at either the early or late shows of her "Two Night Only" appearance.

Funny Stop Comedian

March 7-9
Hypnotist Michael Oddo

Three Nights Only!

Master entertainer Michael Oddo has been mesmerizing audiences with magic, comedy and hypnosis for over 25 years.

Michael's career as a performer began at the age of 12 when he was invited to stage his first magic show at a birthday party. As a teenager, Michael became interested in hypnosis and began his studies to become a certified Hypnotherapist (Hypnotist) and he achieved this title through the National Guild of Hypnotist in 2001.

The desire to entertain never left Michael, so he decided to polish up his skills as a stage hypnotist by attending a workshop with Las Vegas Hypnotist Marc Savard and the hook was set for his future career. Since then Michael has been seen entertaining audiences across the country by performing outrageously funny magic and hypnosis for public, private and corporate events.

With Michael's skills as a magician and hypnotist, he has been able to capture people's attention by entertaining them with his humor and wit.

Over the past 5 years Michael Oddo has developed quite a following with the Funny Stop's audiences, with his goal to ensure every member of his audience has the time of their life.

Don't miss the chance to see "The Naughty Hypnotist", live and in-person by calling our box office now at 330-923-4700 to make your reservation for any of this weekend's shows.

Funny Stop Comedian

March 14-16
Carl Strong

Three Nights Only!

Hold on to your seats and your funny bones...

It's almost impossible to categorize Carl Strong. He delivers a blend of satire, observational comedy, impressions and off the wall characterizations that set him apart from other comedians.

Carl Strong has shared the stage with such entertainment luminaries as Gladys Knight, Chaka Kahn, Dionne Warwick, Guess Who, and Smokey Robinson. His universal appeal is reflected by the varied venues in which he has performed. From "An Evening at the Improv," and the BET Network to "Politically Incorrect," "Comedy Central," "Full Frontal Comedy" and MTV's "Half Hour Comedy Hour," Carl Strong has the ability to entertain...anyone!

Carl was away from the Funny Stop for a while as back in 2010 he was diagnosed with CHF (Congestive Heart Failure). Even with a pacemaker and internal defribrillator, his heart was only working at 15%.

After a very long wait on the surgical list, on May 8, 2013 Carl Strong underwent a second major operation, having his much-awaited heart transplant.

Now, four years after surgery, Carl feels he has been given the greatest blessing imaginable and is deeply motivated to be reconnected with the national stage and sharing his comedic message of hope and inspiration.

You can learn more about the comedy and the faith of Carl Strong by visiting his website, CarlStrong.com.

Don't miss this opportunity to see Carl Strong make one of his rare, dry land appearances (he works a LOT of cruise ships) by calling to Funny Stop box office at 330-923-4700 to book your reservation now.

Funny Stop Comedian

March 21
Pauly Shore

One Night Only!

Rather than writing up a glowing preview of the upcoming, one night only appearance by Pauly Shore at the Funny Stop... we will let Pauly speak for himself:

A Message From Pauly,

Whatup whatup, thank you guys for checking on me.

I'm doing a lot of stand up these days, which I love. It gives me a chance to get out of LA and visit small town America.

I'm coming to a town near you, so come check out the show! We'll take some pictures after and have a couple of beers.

Your friend, Pauly

Paul Montgomery "Pauly" Shore (born February 1, 1968) is an American comedian and actor who starred in several comedy films in the 1990s and hosted a video show on MTV in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Shore is still performing stand-up comedy and toured in 2012 with recent specials "Pauly-tics" and "Vegas is my Oyster".

Pauly is the son of Mitzi Shore (nee Saidel), who founded The Comedy Store, and Sammy Shore, a comedian. Shore was raised Jewish, and grew up in Beverly Hills, California. He graduated from Beverly Hills High School in 1986.

Stand-up Career

Inspired by his parents' work in comedy and show business, a 17-year-old Shore made his stand-up debut at the Alley Cat Bistro in Culver City. "Everyone else in school was filling out their SAT applications, but I just passed mine back. I knew I wasn't going to go to college." Shore was mentored by Sam Kinison and opened several of his sets. While touring the comedy club circuit, Shore cultivated an alter ego persona, "The Weasel".

"The Weasel" involved Shore speaking in a Jeff Spicoli-esque surfer parlance, heavily peppered with dudespeak slang such as "edged", "melons" and "grinding" as well as his catchphrase, "Hey, BU-DDY."

Shore's big break came as an on-air MTV VJ, a position he held from 1989 to 1994. At the height of his MTV fame, Shore had his own show, Totally Pauly, serving as a host, most memorably on MTV's annual Spring Break parties. He also released a music video, "Lisa, Lisa, The One I Adore".

Film Career

In 1992, Shore starred in Encino Man which was a modest hit. Encino Man's success propelled Shore to star in additional personalized vehicles, albeit less successful: Son in Law (1993), In the Army Now (1994), Jury Duty (1995), and Bio-Dome (1996).

He makes a cameo appearance in the American rock band Limp Bizkit music video "N 2 Gether Now", as a pizza deliveryman, and a briefer appearance in Break Stuff.

In 2003, Shore produced, wrote, directed and starred in Pauly Shore Is Dead, a semi-autobiographical mockumentary, and in 2005 starred in the short lived reality television series Minding the Store. In 2010 Shore starred in Adopted, which sees him traveling to Africa to adopt a child.

In addition, he has several short subject films and multiple projects in the works such as his MTV pilot called The Shores and various projects with such as Funny or Die.

Don't miss Pauly Shore's one night only appearance at the Funny Stop, at 8 PM on Wedneday, March 21st. Advanced purchase tickets are $30 for general seating and $35 for premium seating.

Funny Stop Comedian

April 11-13
Joe Machi

Three Nights Only!

Yes, here is yet another rising star, making their Funny Stop headliner debut this week. Please welcome Joe Machi.

A native of State College, PA, Joe Machi did not always plan to enter comedy. After graduating from Penn State University, located in his hometown, Joe became a customer service manager for a supermarket. It wasn’t until after stint as a human resources assistant that he decided to try his hand at stand up comedy.

Joe moved to New York City, where his comedy career began. In those first 4 years, he passed for ‘Late Night’ shows at the prestigious Comic Strip Live, then on to the famed Caroline’s on Broadway and Stand Up NY... culminating 2010 with a first place title in the ‘Emerging Comics’ contest at the New York Underground Comedy Festival and also was named a finalist at the New York Comedy Festival’s NY’s Funniest Person Competition (a title which he would untimately win in 2013).

More hard work earned Joe Machi a feature in the New York Daily News for advancing to the Elite Eight of Caroline’s March Madness Final Four Competition followed by a runner-up finish in the Boston Comedy Festival’s New York Comedy Contest which landed him a performance at the Boston Comedy Fest.

In 2012, Joe Machi made his network television debut on NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He would go on to finish in 4th place in Season 8's edition of NBC's Last Comic Standing, earning him a half hour stand up special that aired on Comedy Central in 2016.

The star burned even brighter in 2018 as Joe performed stand-up on the Conan O'Brien Show and Comedy Central's Roast Battle 2018.

And now, in 2019 you can see Joe Machi, live and in-person at the Funny Stop. Get your tickets by calling our Box Office at 330-923-4700 today!

Funny Stop Comedian

April 18-20
Coleman Green

Three Nights Only!

Coleman Green is a rising star and is no stranger to stage and screen. Gracing the stages of many venues and clubs, Coleman’s comedic style fits all audiences. His ability to make you laugh when you should be crying is certainly a talent that cannot be taught.

Not every comedian can have CEO’s and top officials and everyday people boiling over in laughter about life and family... yet Coleman Green does.

This young man somehow finds that common link between all colors, race, ethnicities, cultures and incomes to make us all think and laugh. Don’t miss the next comedian to emerge from Philadelphia’s comedy scene – Coleman Green.

Coleman’s edgy comedic adventures unveil his life, his loves, his family and the world through his eyes in a style that has audiences all over the United States “cracking the hell up”. Coleman is definitely stardom on the rise.

In addition to his stand up, he is an accomplished and versatile actor. Coleman Green can bring his comedic style to the many roles he portrays. One in particular, that all love, has him portraying a pink pixel in a television commercial (Optimum iO Pixels). There isn’t anything on screen that Coleman Green won’t do once and twice if he likes it!!

Don't miss Coleman Green as he makes his Funny Stop debut by calling our Box Office at 330-923-4700 today.

Funny Stop Comedian

April 25-27
Jim Tews

Three Nights Only!

Rounding out the Funny Stop audience's introduction to three first time headliners at the club over the span of three weeks is Jim Tews.

Comedian and writer Jim Tews is the creator of the New York Times Bestseller “Felines of New York.” He made his stand-up television debut on Last Comic Standing.

Jim Tews has been seen on FX, NBC, SeeSo and TBS. Previously he was one of 2011’s New Faces at Just For Laughs Montreal and has performed in the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, as well as SF Sketchfest.

His recent comedy album “I Was In Band” debuted at #3 on the iTunes comedy charts. He performs regularly in New York at the Comedy Cellar, UCB and any basements or backrooms that will allow it.

Jim Tews also created, co-wrote and starred in The Undone Sweaters web series about a sociophobic Weezer cover band, which was featured on Funny or Die and Nerdist.com. Before that, Jim created the HBO Labs’ web series The Opener and directed a feature length documentary about Cleveland’s independent comedy scene called "Make Fun."

Be sure to get your tickets now to see Jim Tews at the Funny Stop by calling the box office at 330-923-4700 today.

• • • Show Schedule and Performers Subject To Change • • •

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