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Funny Stop Comedian

July 7-11
Jim Tews

His First Ever
Funny Stop Appearance

The Funny Stop is thrilled to introduce our audiences to yet another first time headliner at our club. Please welcome Jim Tews.

Comedian and writer Jim Tews has had an eventful 2014. He made his stand-up television debut on Last Comic Standing and was featured in an episode of Louie. Previously he was one of 2011's New Faces at Just For Laughs Montreal and has performed in the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, as well as San Francisco's SF Sketchfest.

Jim Tews recently created/ co-wrote and starred in The Undone Sweaters web series about a sociophobic Weezer cover band, which was featured on Funny or Die and Nerdist.com.

Tews also created the HBO Labs' web series The Opener and recently directed a feature length documentary about Cleveland's independent comedy scene called Make Fun.

He has yet to completely accept his parents' divorce.

Not one to waste a bit of creative energy on a catchy website name or fancy Twitter handle, to find out more about Jim Tews you'll want to visit his website, JimTews.com and follow him on Twitter under the user name @JimTews.

If you like what you see, call the Funny Stop box office at 330-923-4700 to book a reservation to see Jim Tews in his headling debut at the Funny Stop.

Funny Stop Comedian

July 14-16
Mark Anthony

Three Nights Only

Mark Anthony (yes..that's his real name) grew up Cleveland, OH. As a kid he always wanted to perform as a singer in a rock band, but never had enough confidence in his own voice. So he went into his next love...comedy.

As a kid he listened to Redd Foxx and Richard Pryor (when his Mom wasn't around) and imitated the jokes he heard to his friends. As a heavy kid, he learned humor was a good weapon to use to avoid being picked on in school.

Mark gets his material from life, being overweight, being married, growing up in the inner-city, and listening to rock and roll. Mark's mixed bag of sources makes for a refreshingly different, very funny show. Mark has performed in most of the fifty states and Canada in venues from West Point Military Academy to Westward Ho in South Dakota (Don't even ask!)

Mark has appeared on Comedy Central and The Black Entertainment Television Network. He is considered to be "too on the edge" for Jay Leno, but "not dirty enough" for Def Jam.

Funny Stop Comedian

July 17-18
Angel Salazar

Two Nights Only!

The Funny Stop is thrilled to host the return of actor/comedian Angel Salazar to our stage.

For many, their first introduction fo Angel Salazar was his dramatic roles in films like "Scarface" and "Carlito's Way". For others, it was seeing him on NBC's "Last Comic Standing".

With Cuban-American roots and a penchant for sporting attire almost as risque as his routine, Angel Salazar has rapidly become one of live comedy's heavy-hitter acts.

With an act that combines music, comedy, and even a bit of a 'Magic Mike' routine, Angel Salizar's performances are high energy wth a lot of crowd participation.

It should come as no surprise that Angel Salizar has sold out venues across the country. Audiences are stunned to find out that this rapid-fire performance is coming from a man in his late 50s.

If you missed out on his New Year's Eve appearance at the Funny Stop, don't miss this chance. Call the Funny Stop Box Office at 330-923-4700 to make your reservations today.

Funny Stop Comedian

July 21
Tim Cornett

One Night Only!

Tim Cornett is funny in the same way a clown dressed like a hobo is. An American icon replacing both Mark Twain in folksy cleverness and Elvis Presley in raw sexual energy.

Tim has accepted many compliments, from "you are funny" to "You are very funny", and the fact that he accepts these compliments with grace instead of laughing the way you do when someone states something stupidly obvious is a mark of what a wonderful person he is.

Originally from Cleveland, The Tim Cornett Experience consists of High Energy Wit that alternates between the silly and sublime, where the audience gets a moment to experience the world through Tim's stunning blue eyes.

Cornett has taken a seldom tread path in comedy. Instead of moving from club to club as most comics do, Tim opted to move from city to city, spending his time absorbing how people laugh on a regional level, in some of the great American cities Including Las Vegas, Nevada, Los Angeles, California, Portland, Oregon and Louisville, Kentucky.

Tim Cornett (or "The He-Man from Cleve-Land") has been featured on many radio stations and newspaper outlets across the country. Tim has been interviewed for the prestigious Comedians magazine, and has a sure to be platinum comedy CD that will win many awards once it is recorded.

You can learn more about Tim by clicking HERE to visit his Facebook page, then call the Funny Stop box office at 330-923-4700 to make your reservation to see Tim Cornett in this "One Night Only" appearance.

Funny Stop Comedian

July 22-25
Michael Trixx

Rock & Roll Magic

With a background in music, Michael Trixx combines his two passions, Rock N' Roll and Magic to give an unforgetable performance.

Live doves and parakeets appearing and vanishing from thin air, levitations, confetti blizzards, fire magic second to none and his magic bunny "Hocus Pocus" all make for a rockin' good time.

Trixx has performed at clubs all over the United States as well as London, England.

His 2009 Florida State Magic Convention's Stage Show Contest Championship led to an appearance in the debut season of NBC's hit show "America's Got Talent".

This week Michael Trixx brings his "All Fired Up" extravaganza to the Funny Stop for his only appearance at our club this year. It is one show you don't want to miss!

Funny Stop Comedian

July 29
Chili Challis

One Night Only

The Funny Stop is happy to host a return appearance on our stage by Chili Challis who will be testing something new and exciting. It's a concept he calls "Quick Wits!"

Hollywood Entertainment may have stated it best when they wrote:

"Thank the comedy gods that Chili is back doing the clubs! We might hear some original humor again."

For decades, comedy has been Chili Challis' world.

Most fans would not know of his time behind the scenes on television as a NBC staff writer who went on to become a writer for "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno".

Even fewer are aware that Chili Challis was nominated for a regional Emmy ® for his writing and direction of Pulitzer Prize winning political cartoonist Mike Peters.

Many of Chili's fans first became exposed to him as a voice on the radio as one of the cast of guests who entertained audiences on morning radio's "The Bob & Tom Show" which was based in Indianapolis but was heard in syndication in many parts of country.

Click HERE to give a listen to this early clip (back when he was known as Bert Challis) from the "Bob & Tom Show".

While Chili Challis enjoyed much television and radio success, comedians feed on (and are fed by) live audiences. That's why he has traveled the country all of these years and continues today doing stand-up for folks in clubs from coast to coast.

Always thinking outside the box, Chili was not afraid to take on the whole "Vagina Monologues" craze a few years back with his original creation... UNZIPPED: "The Woody Monologues".

You can check out "Comedy-Dojo" and more background on "Uncle Hippie" by visiting Chili's website ChiliChallis.com

If you enjoy a truely unique comedy mind, you don't want to miss Chili Challis as he appears for a one night only appearance at the Funny Stop Comedy Club.

Funny Stop Comedian

July 30-August 2
Anthony Potmesil

Includes Special XXX Show On Sunday

Hypnotist, Comedian, and Magician all in one.."The Mind Bender".. When it comes to comedy entertainment, Anthony Potmesil is the "Jack of all trades". This high energy show has been a must see in clubs and colleges all over the nation.

Anthony's show is full of audience participation as he combines fast paced humor with the awesome power of Hypno-Magic to produce the hottest, most hilarious, and unforgettable hypnotic stage show in the country. His shows will keep you laughing non-stop.

Having toured all over the U.S., with over 100 shows per year, Anthony Potmesil has hypnotized thousands. Bringing people through the wildest sides of their imagination, Potmesil will have your friends unknowingly bark like dogs, dance like ballerinas, and sing like rock stars.

Finishing 1st and 2nd in 2003 and 2004 in the Variety Entertainer of the Year at the annual Laff-Fest Comedy Competition at Caesars Palace Las Vegas out of 40 of the nations funniest variety entertainers, Anthony Potmesil is said to be the funniest comedy hypnotist in the country.

Funny Stop Comedian

August 6-8
Dustin Diamond

Three Nights Only

Not long after his last appearance at the Funny Stop, Dustin Diamond got LOTS of publicity from TMZ and the national media. It wasn't for his acting or his comedic skills, but those with a knife, when defending his lady at a bar in Wisconsin.

Thankfully, those matters seem to have been resolved and it is our pleasure to welcome Dustin Diamond back for a 5th consecutive year at the Funny Stop!

He played the bad guy on Celebrity Fit Club and has been hailed as the "Dark Prince of Comedy".

Dustin Diamond is a pop culture icon, and is best known for his role as Screech on Saved by the Bell. Dustin played Screech through all 10 seasons of the show, and to this day, Saved by the Bell is still seen in syndication 16 times per week in 105 countries.

For the past 17 years, Dustin has toured the world as a stand-up comedian. His act is suitable for the now grown-up fans of Saved by the Bell. It is adult-oriented, hilarious, and definitely not the same squeaky-clean, Saturday morning comedy that he spent 10 years doing as Screech. In his act, Dustin touches on life's most important topics   -   grandma porn, farts, and the secrets of the female sex.

In addition to stand-up comedy, Dustin has been involved in reality television, indie movies, and numerous other projects. Most recently, he played himself in Better Reach Screech, The Nerdist's parody of Breaking Bad. He appeared on the British reality series Big Brother, and was also seen on Oprah's Where Are They Now?, in which he touched upon topics such as his tell-all book Behind the Bell, and other previous media stunts.

Dustin's other interests include playing video games, following all things "nerdy" and playing the bass guitar.

For more on Dustin and to hear what he has to say, you can follow him on Twitter, @DustinDiamond.

For the past several years, Dustin Diamond has toured the country with a comedy stage show that continues to play to big audiences and receives critical acclaim from the press and the fans.

Make your reservations today to see Dustin Diamond at the Funny Stop by calling our Box Office at 330-923-4700.

In 2003, Dustin Diamond and his band, Salty the Pocketknife, released their first and only self-titled album.

• • • Show Schedule and Performers Subject To Change • • •

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