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Funny Stop Comedian

March 21
Pauly Shore

One Night Only!

Rather than writing up a glowing preview of the upcoming, one night only appearance by Pauly Shore at the Funny Stop... we will let Pauly speak for himself:

A Message From Pauly,

Whatup whatup, thank you guys for checking on me.

I'm doing a lot of stand up these days, which I love. It gives me a chance to get out of LA and visit small town America.

I'm coming to a town near you, so come check out the show! We'll take some pictures after and have a couple of beers.

Your friend, Pauly

Paul Montgomery "Pauly" Shore (born February 1, 1968) is an American comedian and actor who starred in several comedy films in the 1990s and hosted a video show on MTV in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Shore is still performing stand-up comedy and toured in 2012 with recent specials "Pauly-tics" and "Vegas is my Oyster".

Pauly is the son of Mitzi Shore (nee Saidel), who founded The Comedy Store, and Sammy Shore, a comedian. Shore was raised Jewish, and grew up in Beverly Hills, California. He graduated from Beverly Hills High School in 1986.

Stand-up Career

Inspired by his parents' work in comedy and show business, a 17-year-old Shore made his stand-up debut at the Alley Cat Bistro in Culver City. "Everyone else in school was filling out their SAT applications, but I just passed mine back. I knew I wasn't going to go to college." Shore was mentored by Sam Kinison and opened several of his sets. While touring the comedy club circuit, Shore cultivated an alter ego persona, "The Weasel".

"The Weasel" involved Shore speaking in a Jeff Spicoli-esque surfer parlance, heavily peppered with dudespeak slang such as "edged", "melons" and "grinding" as well as his catchphrase, "Hey, BU-DDY."

Shore's big break came as an on-air MTV VJ, a position he held from 1989 to 1994. At the height of his MTV fame, Shore had his own show, Totally Pauly, serving as a host, most memorably on MTV's annual Spring Break parties. He also released a music video, "Lisa, Lisa, The One I Adore".

Film Career

In 1992, Shore starred in Encino Man which was a modest hit. Encino Man's success propelled Shore to star in additional personalized vehicles, albeit less successful: Son in Law (1993), In the Army Now (1994), Jury Duty (1995), and Bio-Dome (1996).

He makes a cameo appearance in the American rock band Limp Bizkit music video "N 2 Gether Now", as a pizza deliveryman, and a briefer appearance in Break Stuff.

In 2003, Shore produced, wrote, directed and starred in Pauly Shore Is Dead, a semi-autobiographical mockumentary, and in 2005 starred in the short lived reality television series Minding the Store. In 2010 Shore starred in Adopted, which sees him traveling to Africa to adopt a child.

In addition, he has several short subject films and multiple projects in the works such as his MTV pilot called The Shores and various projects with such as Funny or Die.

Don't miss Pauly Shore's one night only appearance at the Funny Stop, with shows at 7 and 9:30 PM on Thursday, March 21st. Advanced purchase tickets are $30 for general seating and $35 for premium seating.

Funny Stop Comedian

March 22-23
Bill Boronkay

Two Nights Only!

When a knee injury forced Bill out of Super Bowl XXVII, Boronkay knew he had to limp into a different direction.

Embarking on a sportscasting career, Bill graced televisions in the finest destinations of Myrtle Beach, Clarksburg WV, Evansville IN, and Kansas City before landing in sunny Cleveland, where he was assigned various hazardous duties. Along the way, Boronkay won 5 Emmy's, one of which is proudly displayed behind a lamp in his mother's home office.

After a failed audition with ESPN (a mirror was involved), Bill reevaluated his career and took off in lukewarm pursuit of his true 13th dream...stand-up comedy.

Boronkay continues to work in tv while he travels the comedy road, sharing his less than remarkable life experiences with audiences throughout the area.

Don't miss your chance to see Bill Boronkay headline the a pair of shows both Friday and Saturday nights at the Funny Stop.

Funny Stop Comedian

March 28-30
Sean Lynch

3 Nights Only!

Sean Lynch has both appeared on and written material for MTV, Spike TV, Firebrand TV and Comedy Central as well as getting his own pilot for VH1.

Sean has been on the stage (in front of a crowd, and not just the janitor) at the premier comedy clubs in New York City including Carolines, Broadway and the Underground Comedy Lounge.

You won't want to miss Sean Lynch's hilarious stand up and characters on drinking, being Irish, friends, pop culture and everything else, this week at the Funny Stop.

You can follow Sean Lynch on Facebook by clicking HERE.


Funny Stop Comedian

April 4-6
Traci Kanaan - The Princess of Parodies

3 Nights Only!


"I wish she did drugs so there was some explanation for her behavior."

Traci's mother

The self proclaimed love child of Liza Minnelli and Klinger, Traci Kanaan grew up in Berea, Ohio. Her Italian mother loved piano, musical theater and opera. Her Lebanese father loved antique cars, stock car races and dirty jokes.

The result? A classically trained pianist that sings REALLY twisted ditties.

Traci started taking piano lessons at the age of 4. Never one to play it the way it was written, she constantly improvised during her piano lessons. She'd make up funny words to the songs or change the endings of her pieces, ultimately burning out eight piano teachers before graduating from high school.

Traci attended Otterbein College in Westerville, Ohio, graduating with a B.A. in Music Business, and minors in Music Composition, Electronic Music, and Piano Performance. For her senior recital, she composed all original music, performed by other students. Each piece reflected her sense of humor, including lingerie being pulled out of instruments, pieces performed on children's toys, and the staged death of a performer...assassinated by a ping pong ball gun.

In 2001, Traci's life changed forever when she saw Tony and Tina's Wedding, an improv theater production, while visiting her parents in Cleveland. She vowed she would be in that show if the production ever came to her town in Florida.

Eight months later, the community theater announced auditions for Tony and Tina's Wedding and Traci landed the role of Connie Mocogni, the eight months pregnant maid of honor.

While taking an improv class to prepare for the role, Traci met other aspiring comedians who encouraged her to try stand up. Traci did, and she's never looked back.

Traci continues to amaze audiences all over the country, with her irreverent style of comedy that creatively combines stand up with her piano and vocal skills.

Her show takes you on a musical journey of self deprecating humor, her life, family, pop culture, political events, and wrapping it all up with her energetic closer, "Songs you should never play on piano."

The Funny Stop is proud to welcome back Traci Kanaan... "The Princess of Parodies!"

Visit her on the web at PrincessOfParodies.com.

Funny Stop Comedian

April 11-13
Joe Machi

Three Nights Only!

Yes, here is yet another rising star, making their Funny Stop headliner debut this week. Please welcome Joe Machi.

A native of State College, PA, Joe Machi did not always plan to enter comedy. After graduating from Penn State University, located in his hometown, Joe became a customer service manager for a supermarket. It wasn’t until after stint as a human resources assistant that he decided to try his hand at stand up comedy.

Joe moved to New York City, where his comedy career began. In those first 4 years, he passed for ‘Late Night’ shows at the prestigious Comic Strip Live, then on to the famed Caroline’s on Broadway and Stand Up NY... culminating 2010 with a first place title in the ‘Emerging Comics’ contest at the New York Underground Comedy Festival and also was named a finalist at the New York Comedy Festival’s NY’s Funniest Person Competition (a title which he would untimately win in 2013).

More hard work earned Joe Machi a feature in the New York Daily News for advancing to the Elite Eight of Caroline’s March Madness Final Four Competition followed by a runner-up finish in the Boston Comedy Festival’s New York Comedy Contest which landed him a performance at the Boston Comedy Fest.

In 2012, Joe Machi made his network television debut on NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He would go on to finish in 4th place in Season 8's edition of NBC's Last Comic Standing, earning him a half hour stand up special that aired on Comedy Central in 2016.

The star burned even brighter in 2018 as Joe performed stand-up on the Conan O'Brien Show and Comedy Central's Roast Battle 2018.

And now, in 2019 you can see Joe Machi, live and in-person at the Funny Stop. Get your tickets by calling our Box Office at 330-923-4700 today!

Funny Stop Comedian

April 18-20
Coleman Green

Three Nights Only!

Coleman Green is a rising star and is no stranger to stage and screen. Gracing the stages of many venues and clubs, Coleman’s comedic style fits all audiences. His ability to make you laugh when you should be crying is certainly a talent that cannot be taught.

Not every comedian can have CEO’s and top officials and everyday people boiling over in laughter about life and family... yet Coleman Green does.

This young man somehow finds that common link between all colors, race, ethnicities, cultures and incomes to make us all think and laugh. Don’t miss the next comedian to emerge from Philadelphia’s comedy scene – Coleman Green.

Coleman’s edgy comedic adventures unveil his life, his loves, his family and the world through his eyes in a style that has audiences all over the United States “cracking the hell up”. Coleman is definitely stardom on the rise.

In addition to his stand up, he is an accomplished and versatile actor. Coleman Green can bring his comedic style to the many roles he portrays. One in particular, that all love, has him portraying a pink pixel in a television commercial (Optimum iO Pixels). There isn’t anything on screen that Coleman Green won’t do once and twice if he likes it!!

Don't miss Coleman Green as he makes his Funny Stop debut by calling our Box Office at 330-923-4700 today.

The World Series of Comedy - At the Funny Stop

Fans: Make Your Reservations Now!
Call the Funny Stop box office at 330-923-4700

Comics: Spots Are VERY LIMITED
Register today at TheWorldSeriesOfComedy.com/Registration
Be sure to use the "One Night Event" producer password of WC-FUST at Registration

Funny Stop Comedian

April 25-27
Jim Tews

Three Nights Only!

Rounding out the Funny Stop audience's introduction to three first time headliners at the club over the span of three weeks is Jim Tews.

Comedian and writer Jim Tews is the creator of the New York Times Bestseller “Felines of New York.” He made his stand-up television debut on Last Comic Standing.

Jim Tews has been seen on FX, NBC, SeeSo and TBS. Previously he was one of 2011’s New Faces at Just For Laughs Montreal and has performed in the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, as well as SF Sketchfest.

His recent comedy album “I Was In Band” debuted at #3 on the iTunes comedy charts. He performs regularly in New York at the Comedy Cellar, UCB and any basements or backrooms that will allow it.

Jim Tews also created, co-wrote and starred in The Undone Sweaters web series about a sociophobic Weezer cover band, which was featured on Funny or Die and Nerdist.com. Before that, Jim created the HBO Labs’ web series The Opener and directed a feature length documentary about Cleveland’s independent comedy scene called "Make Fun."

Be sure to get your tickets now to see Jim Tews at the Funny Stop by calling the box office at 330-923-4700 today.

Funny Stop Comedian

May 2-4
Nathan Timmel

Three Nights Only!

Not as serious as Plato, but lighter than Socrates. Not as edgy as Clinton, but livelier than Nixon. Not as heavy as GWAR, but deeper than Culture Club. Nathan Timmel is a stand-up comedy veteran, masterful storyteller and headliner with over a decade of experience behind the mic.

Nathan's comedy roots run deep. When he was but six years old, Timmel conned his sweet little old grandmother into buying him a record album. The cover pictured a man picking his nose, and what's funnier to a six-year-old than boogers? The album was George Carlin's "Class Clown," and soon Nathan was the only child running around the playground shouting the "Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television."

After graduating from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a degree in English, Nathan realized he was unemployable. One open mic later... he began a career in the business of laughter.

Nathan Timmel finds the absurdity in everything from making babies to overcrowded prisons, creating comedy that’s intelligent, fun and engaging (with a sprinkling of raucousness). Nathan has recorded five comedy CDs, two of which get regular airplay on Sirius/XM radio, in addition to being the writer of 3 published, full-length books.

He has been a guest on the Bob & Tom Show three times and traveled overseas nine separate times to perform for American troops—including stops in Iraq and Afghanistan. He performs at comedy clubs around the country, from Buffalo to Albuquerque and Colorado Springs to Baltimore... and this weekend returns to northeastern Ohio to perform once again at the Funny Stop.

To learn more about Nathan Timmel, visit his website at NathanTimmel.com, then call the Funny Stop box office at 330-923-4700 to make your reservation to seem him this weekend.

Funny Stop Comedian

May 9-11
Camille Solari

Three Nights Only!

By the age of 16, Camille Solari already got hired and fired by over six ice cream stores across Boston, but managed to write over 31 (sticky) journals during her scooping tenure.

Soon she became black listed from the ice cream community in Boston and was forced to go north to her motherland of Canada in the only world she knew, ice cream. Sadly she was told over and over, “…Hey “A”, it’s too darn cold up here, we don’t have ice cream stores in Regina, just a few lost fisherman…”

Today Camille hates ice cream, but continues to write, wear adorable clothes, make people laugh and is on a perpetual diet.

Actually Camille Solari (who is making her Funny Stop debut this weekend) graduated Cum Laude at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, double majoring in Shakespeare & Creative Writing. Growing up in Brookline, MA and Canada, Camille holds both a US and Canadian Citizenship.

Camille began her career working in development at New Line Cinema then moved onto working for Danny Devito’s company Jersey Films. She then worked as an executive assistant for Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman for 5 years. Camille then left the grind of being an executive assistant and was scouted to model, becoming one of the top billboard models for Dickites jeans with over 25,000 publications across the country and overseas.

Camille Solari was nominated on IMDB’s 10 Comedians appearing on Comedy Central, HBO and reoccurring on TMZ as a comedian. She was also on IMDB’s Top Canadian Talents to Watch list and hosted the 2013 Sundance Comedy Series.

She is multi-talented, having written and produced over ten features for television and film for companies including Universal Pictures, HBO, Comedy Central, Entertainment One, The Weinstein Company and Lifetime Television.

Solari starred in Oxygen Network’s "Funny Girls", a show that follows the lives of Hollywood up and coming sexy female comedians and female writers. Camille wrote, starred in and produced the feature film Boston Girls with Danny Trejo and garnered the award “best screenplay” at The New York International Film Festival.

Truly an international entertainer, Camille was in The New Zealand Comedy Festival 2013 and has tours in Canada. Camille has a regular show e very Sunday at the world famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles and also has the hottest show at The Hollywood Improv called “Glaminlalaland” based on her comedy blog “How To Be Glam In La La Land.”

Check out her website, CamilleSolari.com, then pick up the phone and call the Funny Stop box office at 330-923-4700 to make your reservation to see Camille Solari as she make her first ever appearance at the Funny Stop this weekend.

Funny Stop Comedian

May 16-18
Kevin Farley

Three Nights Only!

In 2017, Funny Stop fans got their first opportunity to see Kevin Farley live and in person on our stage. In his Funny Stop debut, two things quickly became clear.

1) This guy is a great comic


2) Two nights was not a long enough booking to accommodate all of the people who wanted to see him perform.

Pete has taken care of #2 by booking Kevin Farley for a 3 night appearance on Thursday through Saturday, May 16th through the 18th, so with that... the Funny Stop is proud to welcome Kevin Farley for a return appearance at our club.

To answer your first question, yes, Kevin is the brother of Saturday Night Live legend and movie actor Chris Farley.

Here is more about this weekend's headliner.

Born in Madison, Wisconsin, Kevin Farley studied at the famous Second City in Chicago. It wasn't long after that he appeared in films such as Black Sheep (with his brother Chris Farley) and The Waterboy with Adam Sandler.

Soon after, Farley landed a starring role as character Doug Linus on MTV's sitcom "2gether" where he was met with rave reviews. Farley then went on to star with top billing in the feature films "An American Carol" and "White Knight". Other films to his credits are "Crowning Jules", "Frat Pack" and "Joe Dirt 2". Kevin Farley's TV guest appearances have been on Hawaii Five-O, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Rules of Engagement, The Neighbors, Just Shoot Me and United States of Tara to name a few.

Farley moved behind the camera as co-writer and co-director of "Hollywood & Wine", which takes an irreverent look at an actress struggling in Hollywood. In addition, Farley directed the comedy "Paranormal Movie". The film pokes fun of the "found footage" horror, sub-genre popular with movie goers today.

To his credit, and met with high praise in all the national reviews, Farley was Co-Executive Producer of the heartwarming "I Am Chris Farley", a feature-length biographical documentary about his brother Chris, the late comedy legend. Presently Farley is co-starring in "F is for Family", a Netflix comedy series, This year he will be co-starring in CMT's new series "Still the King".

When Farley is not writing screenplays, producing or directing or on set filming, he regularly embraces the stage in stand-up comedy. Farley usually appears as the headline act nation-wide in clubs such as The Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store, and The Improv, but he has also opened for David Spade, Chris Rock, Norm MacDonald, Jeff Ross, Todd Glass, Kevin Nealon and Jeff Richards. Along the lines of stand-up comedy, Farley starred in a New York musical about comedians called "HA! The Musical".

Farley has hosted many live shows, and has been featured on The Today Show, The View, Extra, Fox News and countless radio shows. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California and is involved with the non-profit organization The American Irish Fund.

Kevin Farley has truly established himself as comedic presence both on the big screen and off. Multi-tasking as a comedian, actor, writer, director and producer seems easy for Farley because he does it all, with a fabulous sense of humor.

We are so pleased to host Kevin Farley this weekend at the Funny Stop. Check out his Twitter feed by clicking HERE, his YouTube channel by clicking HERE and his website, KevinFarleyOfficial.com, then call our Box Office at 330-923-4700 to make your reservation today.

Funny Stop Comedian

May 23-25
Mary Santora

Three Nights Only!

Hailing from Cleveland, Mary Santora is a fresh breath of femininity in the otherwise male dominated world of stand up.

Mary's quick witted, observational style has landed her the opportunity to not only travel across the country in various clubs, but to open for comedic greats such as Jen Kirkman, Dave Attell, Kyle Kinane and Tom Papa.

Santora took second place at the 2015 Cleveland Comedy Festival, was named The Best Local Female Comedian by the Cleveland Scene Magazine both 2016 and 2017, was chosen to compete in the 2018 Best of the Midwest competition at LaughFest in Grand Rapids, MI and is continuing to quickly make a name for herself as one of the best up and coming comics in the Midwest.

While you may not know the face, you may know her voice from her weekday afternoon appearances on the Alan Cox Show on 100.7, WMMS.

Look Mary Santora up on Facebook by clicking HERE and check out her Twitter feed by clicking HERE

After you've had time to check Mary's social media habits, give our Box Office a call at 330-923-4700 to make your reservation to see Mary Santora as she makes her solo headlining act debut, at the Funny Stop.

• • • Show Schedule and Performers Subject To Change • • •

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