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Funny Stop Comedian

November 27-28
Mike Polk, Jr.

Two Nights Only

Mike Polk Jr. is a Cleveland based comedian best known for his viral internet videos such as "The Cleveland Tourism Video", "The One Semester of Spanish Love Song", and the web series "Man in The Box" which combined have over 50,000,000 views on YouTube.

Polk has been performing stand up and sketch comedy for over ten years and has won both Scene Magazine and Cleveland Magazine's "Best Comedian in Cleveland" distinctions on multiple occasions.

Mike recently authored the popular book: "Damn Right I'm From Cleveland: Your Guide To Makin' It In America's 47th Biggest City (that now has distribution as far away as the Canton-Akron Airport gift show. Wow!!!)

Mike Polk Jr. can now be seen on Fox 8, where he contributes to "New Day Cleveland", "The Rizzo Show", and produces his own monthly comedy special (which, ironically, Fox 8 likes to air weekly), "The Mike Polk Jr. Show".

Mike's stage show is a unique combination of traditional stand up, music, video, and audience involvement that makes for a truly original comedy experience.

Check out his work at MikePolkJr.com and come see him LIVE and IN PERSON on the Funny Stop stage in this limited, "Two Night Only" appearance.

Funny Stop Comedian

December 1-5
Charlie Wiener

A Full Week of Shows

What happens when a baby boomer happily residing in a closet, deep in the recesses of his mind, filled with sixties memorabilia wakes up to find he has been married several times and is the father to two daughters of voting age? Where did the good times go? What's a mortgage? How did his old nemesis, Reality, find him? Who will win the battle royal for control of his life, responsibility (Yuck) or his mind?!

Charlie Wiener joins the hilarious struggle each night live on stage as he rants and harangues against that which would make him give up the life he has chosen and have to find adulthood and a regular paycheck.

For the past fourty (yes, 40) years, Charlie has traveled the country, mixing music and comedy.

In that time he has put our two comedy albums, a comedy DVD, and SEVEN music albums. The Cleveland Plain Dealer did a whole profile piece this summer on Charlie and his latest album "The Best We Got With the Talent Available" which you can read HERE.

Charlie Wiener has proven over and over again that there is nothing more hysterical than an old hippie coming to grips with everyday situations we've had to deal with all along.

For one of the most freakishly, wild and comical evenings you will ever have, with all the subtlety of a howling monkey, it's Charlie Wiener to the rescue. You'll find out your life isn't really so bad.

Check him out on Facebook, then call the Funny Stop Box Office at 330-923-4700 and book your reservation to spend an evening with "the old man of the Comedy sea" this week at the the club.

Funny Stop Comedian

December 8-10
Stu McCallister

His 1st Headlining Appearance at the Funny Stop

Stu McCallister has been doing comedy for nearly a decade, working with college crowds, pastor appreciation crowds (tough room), comedy clubs, comedy festivals and bars.

Stu talks mostly about his inadequacies in the dating world, how tough his name was for him as a child, and his physical appearance.

McCallister was a regular guest on a morning radio show in Grand Rapids, Michigan until the host got canned (Isn't it funny how often that happens in the world of comedy?)and has been on local television in Michigan more times that he can remember.

Stu McCallister was a part of the group 'Comics for Hire' which he says only lasted for one show and has a Masters Degree in Social Work, which he tries to use as little as possible.

Stu has a website under the appropriately titled domain name of StuMcCallister.com and you can check him out on Facebook and Twitter by clicking HERE and HERE.

Stu McCallister owns WAY too many cats, is a bit off-kilter, a bit weird, but a lot of funny. You will be sure to like him as he makes his first ever headlining appearance at the Funny Stop this week. Make your reservations by calling our Box Office at 330-923-4700 today!

Funny Stop Comedian

December 11-12
Jimmy "JJ" Walker

Two Nights Only!

The term "maximizing one's potential" could have been coined to describe the life of Jimmie Walker, who strode out of the New York ghetto first to educate himself and then to become one of the best-known television personalities in the United States.

Walker was born June 25, 1947, in the depths of New York's South Bronx, famed for burnt-out buildings, pervasive neglect and disrepair but, to a very young boy, it was nothing more than "the neighborhood."

Life in the Projects centered around basketball courts and ignoring school. Jimmie never thought of performing as a potential occupation. It was basketball that held his interest, but Jimmie at fifteen was only six feet tall and weighed in at 129 pounds. He left school before graduating and worked a number of odd jobs, eventually landing a delivery job at the Grand Union Market at a salary of $47 per week - before taxes.

Making an arrangement with his boss to end each shift early, Jimmie worked all day, then attended Theodore Roosevelt High School at night until he received his diploma and information from a teacher about SEEK, the federally funded Search for Education, Evaluation and Knowledge which accepts students who need an educational "half-way house" before college. SEEK arranged for Jimmie to study the art of announcing and the trade of radio engineering at the RCA Technical Institute. Jimmie started as an engineer, which required a first-class license available only by study and by passing a test. Within a year he had earned his first-class ticket to the future.

Jimmie walked into a small radio station, WRBR, and was immediately hired as a part-time engineer at a salary of $100 per week. He continued to study at SEEK, learning about mathematics and literature. At 19, Walker had some major grammatical stumbling blocks, but his writing became stronger when he began writing for a class in Oral Interpretation - and Jimmie discovered he was a FUNNY writer. He penned a piece, delivered it to his SEEK classmates, and they howled! Asked one appreciative teenager, "Are you a comedian?" Said Walker, "I guess I am." And he was.

Now defined, Jimmie lost no time in finding his first professional gig. It was 1967, and he had left SEEK and traded up his "day job" to working at WMCA radio for $250 a week. A mutual friend then introduced him to The Last Poets. The group, dedicated to performing militant poetry, needed an opening act. Following a successful audition, Walker opened for the Poets at the East Wind in Harlem on New Year's Eve, 1967. He did five minutes, floored the crowd of 350 and stayed with the Poets for 18 months while he gained confidence and built an act.

By 1969 Jimmie performed at the African Room in Manhattan along with a few other new talents, including Bette Midler, David Brenner and Steve Landesberg. David Brenner got his break and then helped Walker and the others, moving them all to Budd Friedman's Improv in New York where they occasionally got on stage. Brenner and his "disciples" got hot at Budd's and became onstage regulars.

In those days, doing "The Tonight Show" was direct line to the Big Time. Brenner made it first, followed by Landesberg, Midler and Freddie Prinz, but by 1972 Jimmie still hadn't scored that "big break." Then Brenner, Landesberg and Midler, scheduled for the then-powerful "Jack Paar Show", refused to guest unless Walker was given a spot, and the Paar staff gave in. Jimmie's first guest shot was successful beyond anyone's expectations. Dan Rowan, who had seen the show, called for Jimmie to fly to Los Angeles to guest on a "Laugh In" special. This followed with a second guest spot on the "Jack Paar Show", and a contract with CBS to perform his act each week as the audience warmup for "Carlucci's Department" a sit-com.

The flush of success gave Walker the confidence to give up his day job in 1972. Jimmie was now working regularly in clubs. Spotted by Norman Lear's casting director, Jimmie accepted a part in a new comedy series, "Good Times". "Dyn-o-mite!" was the phrase and it was made famous nationwide. Time Magazine named him Comedian of the Decade.

It was a heady existence. The fame grew. Walker did the comedy album, "Dyn-o-mite!" and it was a best-seller, but stand-up comedy was still his first love. When the series ended a six year run in 1979, Aaron Spelling offered Walker a starring role in the short-lived "B.A.D. Cats" and returned to cast him again in 1983 in "At Ease", an ABC series about a bunch of United States Army misfits.

Walker currently tours the country 25-30 weeks a year doing his stand-up comedy, and also performs on late night T.V. and game shows. In his spare time he writes scripts for T.V. and movies.

You can also check out more information about Jimmy JJ Walker at his official website, DynomiteJJ.com

Funny Stop Comedian

December 15-19
Bil Benden

A Full Week of Shows

Please join us this week for a Funny Stop Holiday tradition.

For over twenty years Bil Benden has come back to the stage where he got his start, to spread his special brand of Christmas cheer.

Not long after Bil hits the stage you will realize you're hurting from laughter, and you'll swear Bil has to live in your house. But as Bil's father always said, we all live in the same house, we just pull in a different driveway.

Bil Benden's show has been described as equal parts of marriage counseling, parental advice, crises management, and animal husbandry.

Bil feels that after nearly 30 years of marriage (to a girl he met when they were 12) and three kids, he has something to add to the discussion.

One of the best things about a Bil Benden show is just when you think you're laughing as hard as you can, he gets you to laugh just a bit harder (just like a great personal trainer can get you run harder.)

Now remember we said "like a great personal trainer", because as soon as you get a look at Bil you will know he is no personal trainer.

If you want to laugh, Bil is your guy.

If you want to run, Bil is out!

What we are saying here is that from start to finish, top to bottom, and then reach around, you will laugh at things in a whole new light after attending a show headlined by Bil Benden.

You will learn things you already knew but didn't know you knew.

You will learn that while some men suffer from ED, Bil and maybe you suffer from ND. What is ND you maybe asking? Well just come out to one of Bil's shows this week and find out.

You will also learn how porn can ruin fishing, hunting, traveling, or any other of your favorite pass times.

So now is the time for you to pick up the phone call the Funny Stop box office at 330-923-4700 to make a reservation to find out why Bil Benden has been one of our club's holiday traditions for over 2 decades.

Bil's show is a great way to kick off your holiday fun, because he will get you laughing over the river and through the woods.

Funny Stop Comedian Funny Stop Comedian

December 22-23
Kirk Bogos and Chris Clem

Co-Headliners at the Funny Stop

Kirk Bogos and Chris Clem will co-headline the 8PM shows on Tuesday and Wednesday, December 22nd and 23rd at the Funny Stop.



December 24
Closed Christmas Eve

The Funny Stop box office will be closed and the showroom will be dark on Thursday, December 24th so that our staff and our performers may spend Christmas Eve with their friends and families.

Enjoy the holiday and we hope to see you again soon at the Funny Stop.


December 25
Closed Christmas Day

The Funny Stop box office will be closed and the showroom will be dark on Friday, December 25th so that our staff and our performers may spend Christmas Day with their friends and families.

Enjoy the holiday and we hope to see you again soon at the Funny Stop.

Funny Stop Comedian Funny Stop Comedian

December 26
Kirk Bogos and Chris Clem

Co-Headliners at the Funny Stop

Kirk Bogos and Chris Clem will co-headline the 8:00 and 10:30PM shows on Saturday, December 26th at the Funny Stop.


• • • Show Schedule and Performers Subject To Change • • •

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